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The death of a loved one is such a hard time. We often don't like to think about it, but it's important to protect our loved ones and our assests. So start now with a tailored plan designed to suit your life!


Unlike a will, trusts can be in use while we are still alive. There many types of trusts available. Speak to one of our consultants to discuss which is best for you..

 Storage of Documents 

Do you already have a will? Brillant! It needs to be kept safe and easy to access place, as it is a very important legal document. Any damage to a document can lead to difficulties and challenges made in court and legal problems with the administration of your estate. 


This a responsible role for the person or company you choose. They will need to be someone you trust to ensure the wishes of your will are carried out. 

Lasting Power of Attorney

We don't want to imagine a time that we may be incapable of making decisions for yourselves but this can happen through illness or an accident. That is why important to choose someone who you trust  to act for you.

Funeral Plans 

Again its hard to think about our own funerals, however rather than leaving that burden with grieving relatives and friends, you can put a plan in place now, so that in the time of need everything is in place.

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