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About Us

Our aim at Wentworth Wills Ltd is to inform, educate and empower our clients to protect themselves, their families, and their estates by providing products and services, that cater to their needs.

We are a family owned company named after our late grandfather, Wentworth William. His many attributes are the foundation we adhere to. Like him, we aim to act with integrity, dependability and professionalism.

Why Choose Us?

Estate planning or Life planning is something that will affect us all. The young and the mature. We want to make these uncomfortable conversations easier, by giving our clients the peace of mind, that the advice and services they are receiving are of the highest standard.

We are affiliates of the Society of Will Writers. As such, we have had to go through affiliate requirements and continue with ongoing training. They ensure that as an affiliate we are properly trained, carry insurance and are dedicated to the work we carry out.

Protect what's yours!

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